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Most wanted sqr's 2007
« : 12 Март 2007, 12:54:55 »
Most Wanted VUSHF DX 2007

You are hereby invited to participate in the Most Wanted VUSHF DX Survey
2007 for 50 MHz, 70 MHz and 432 MHz & Up.

Deadline is 2007-03-31.

Which squares and DXCCs
It is your own decision to include all or only a few of the squares and
DXCCs or just unconfirmed contacts etc.

Please observe your station's limitations and operating preferences. On some
bands meteor scatter is possible on other bands it is rain scatter etc. Thus

below maximum distances applies:

Band Land [km] Sea [km]
50 MHz 2000 500
70 MHz 2000 500
432 MHz 800 800
1,3 GHz 700 700
2,3 GHz 600 600
3,4 GHz 400 400
5,7 GHz 600 300
10 GHz 700 300

The ONLY WAY is through MWD formatted file(s),
http://www.rudius.net/oz2m/mw/mwd_format.htm. MWD capable programs:


Entries are ONLY received via e-mail and as ATTACHED and UNCOMPRESSED

Please submit your entry to: mw2007 _X_ post _*_ cybercity _*_ dk.

Comments in the mail(s) are not read! An automated acknowledgement will be

Bo, OZ2M, www.rudius.net/oz2m

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Re: Most wanted sqr's 2007
« Ответ #1 : 29 Апрель 2008, 18:50:33 »
 Hello! But why no range 144MHz? That there beside all all are worked? I sometimes review MWS and nor reek did not see there squares of the sector LN. Sorry.
73! RN4AT Yuri
73! Юрий RN4AT LN29LA.

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Re: Most wanted sqr's 2007/2008/2009...
« Ответ #2 : 03 Сентябрь 2008, 20:01:53 »
Hi Yuri & others,

yep, seems there was not radius fot VHF... But now is (and been loooong time already)


Also if is not any spcial log programs to update there is place to update "free hand data"


just write simple list abt worked sqr's like LN00 LN01 LN02... and cut + add with mouse.

Maybe someday LN will be map centre in

just this moment seems like LN09 needs only 4 UA ham

Why to update Most Wanted Sqr's?

- That all your friends can see that you still need some sqr and they have
fun... joke

- It helps everybody who plan expeditions, that more wanted sqs that more
interest is go there

- it show to other that in UA is also active VHF ham who need some sqr and
then it is more easier to expect that somebody will beam UA direction also

- maybe daza etc is in some other sqr than own QTH it is easy to see who
need that sqr and it is possible to make skeds via e-mail (most e-mails
 easy to find (www.qrz.com or www.qrz.ru)
because everybody are not everyday and everytime in ON4KST chat.

- Also you can have 1 point in Most Wanted Contest when you clean 1
callsing from list. What is more interesting than make own sqr most unwanted and
help everybody to have more and more new sqr's?
If is active expedition team it is easy to win most wanted contest from Russia, there is so meny wanted sqr's ;)

- It makes more interest in Russian also because most of Russian sqr's are
already more than 2000 km away from central Europe and even nobody is been
QRV from there this moment it is not "red" but it show where is never
nobody been qrv.

- This is not only for 144 MHz, because there is possibility to update all
UHF and SHF sqr's also.

- If You are in expedition and roll Meteor Scatter pile'up and after CQ
there answer 2 station, one is in MWS list and you know that he/she really
need that sqr, other is not so maybe he answer just for fun, whom you will

73 Janne OH5LID